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There are only four strategies you must do to rank your product on Amazon. These same strategies work with eBay, Walmart and Jet, and they are the only ones that work.

Imagine if there was a company you can hire who knows all four strategies and can apply them for you on your account? Imagine the amount of money you will get, if all your products were on the first page? Imagine all of this happening as soon as next month.

You don't have to imagine, Rek9 is the company who will apply the four strategies to rank your products on Amazon, and watch your sales Skyrocket.

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We provide consulting services to companies looking to increase their revenue by optimizing their marketplaces listings


We have a complete process for managing your Amazon FBM and FBA as well as eBay, JET, Walmart operations. Our process range from customer service, replenishment, repricing, ad management, to listing optimization.


We have a process that facilitates verified purchases and reviews by promoting your products via SEO, PPC, and other promotional giveaways.

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Marketing Manager

Last year we had a problem with getting our products ranked on Amazon. We had decent sales but just barely. Something had to change so we got in touch with Rek9 and they helped us get our products the traction they needed to get better rankings.


Business Owner

My company had been selling on Amazon for a few months now but we found it to be nothing more than a break-even venture. Rek9 helped us rank our products on the marketplace by creating and executing a successful SEO Campaign.


Executive Business Officer

I represent a multinational company specializing in automotive parts. REK9 helped us stabilize and increase our Amazon profits by optimizing our existing listings. We only had around 30% of our catalog listed but now we are putting up the rest.


Amazon Seller

Our company had been selling consumer electronics on Amazon for a few years now. Lately we have faced stiffer competition with the influx of "Overseas" resellers. Rek9 helped us regain our advantage by doing "Search Engine Optimization".

REK9 is a US based marketing company that helps businesses involved in multichannel marketplace sales to optimize their marketing efforts for better revenue


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